Music Monday

In honor of David Bowie who died yesterday. 

I'd never listened to much of David Bowie's music until today (beyond the songs that are occasionally played on the radio and at karaoke bars). 

But after reading a few articles about him and a bunch of his quotes...and scanning through album after album of his prolific career on Spotify...it's very obvious that his creativity inspired millions. It's also fascinating to watch his style change over the decades. It will take me awhile to get through his 25+ albums. Below are a few songs that caught my attention today. Of special note is "I Can't Give Everything Away" which is from his most recent album just released last week. 

Really interesting song. A lot of layers. 

If you have favorite albums or songs, please point me in the right direction. 

"It's the terror of knowing
What this world is about
Watching some good friends
Screaming, "Let me out!"

"Seeing more and feeling less
Saying no but meaning yes
This is all I ever meant
That's the message that I sent
I can't give everything
I can't give everything
I can't give everything

"Sometimes you get so lonely
Sometimes you get nowhere
I've lived all over the world
I've left every place
Please be mine
Share my life
Stay with me
Be my wife"

"I like the beat of your drum
I like to look in your eyes"

"I think about a world to come
Where the books were found by the golden ones
Written in pain, written in awe
By a puzzled man who questioned
What we were here for
All the strangers came today
And it looks as though they're here to stay"

"Ain't that close to love?
Well, ain't that poster love?
Well, it ain't that Barbie doll
Her heart's been broken just like you have"

"Emily tries but misunderstands
She's often inclined to borrow somebody's dreams 'till tomorrow
There is no other day
Let's try it another way
You'll lose your mind and play
Free games for may
See Emily play
Soon after dark Emily cries
Gazing at trees in sorrow hardly a sound 'till tomorrow"

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