This week's column

Hey there, hi there.
This week is flying by. Must be all those #mallwalks.

Can't get enough! I'm all about the pre-work and post-work mall walk with friends. Who knew? So fun! And nothing beats that early morning mall walking crew.

My platelet count is currently about 10x too high. Yep. Because that's how I role. Keep everyone on their toes. All the time. I've been directed by the medical fellow who called last night to alert me of the issue and my nurse who contacted me today through the online Mayo message system to watch for a list of blood clot signs and symptoms. Redonk. Totally redonk. (Made that word up. But it feels like it fits).

Sure. I'll just be on the lookout. Some weeks...it's look for signs and symptoms of a brain hemorrhage. Some weeks...it's look for signs and symptoms of blood clots in my lungs and legs.

#noprob #itsallundercontrol

It's a little bit hilarious, actually....the things that can become normal with time.

The injection medicine works. But obviously we're having an ongoing issue with finding the right dose. Hopefully it will be figured out soon. Two weeks ago I was covered in dots and had a count of 1. And now I'm crazy high. Oh for silly. I feel totally fine. Actually, I feel better than I've felt in ages!

Riding the wave. Riding the wave.

Here's a link to this week's column. It's about Jesus and Mary and Joseph and fear vomit. 

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