The Six Rules of Conscious Emailing

Here's a great article from Mindful.org - 6 Rules of Conscious Emailing.

I read it last week and have been referring to it daily ever since.

My relationship with email is generally "dig, dig, dig, dig" - always digging my way out of what I feel is a perpetual blackhole of emails. 

I love to receive personal emails and life updates in my personal account, but by the end of the day when I actually have time to kindly respond to and send more extensive, well-thought out personal emails, I'm generally exhausted by the thought because I've spent all day online responding to work account emails. Sound familiar? 

The article gives some hopeful, general suggestions about how to shift one's relationship with email. 

It's good to pause and remember that email - like any mode of communication - is really, at the core, about relationship. So we probably ought to treat it with the care we'd treat any other relational tool. 

Do you have any email suggestions? 

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