Music Monday

Today was really good. It was a gem in the midst of an especially busy work season. I started the day irritated and overwhelmed. I'll fall asleep grateful and content (but still overwhelmed). 

Back to the highlights...

I got to go to St. Olaf in Northfield! For the first time! I spent the morning there visiting with students and the two campus pastors. It was awesome, and I left feeling thoroughly inspired by the experience. The students I encountered were so articulate and empowered about life, faith, and sexuality. 


I'd like to do college over again. 

Some people say, "I'd never want to go back in time because then I'd miss out on all that's happened since."

There is some truth to that. I get it. Totally.

But I'd fairly happily take a do-over and go back to 18. 

Alas, life doesn't work that way. Only forward. Never backward. 

On the drive back from Northfield after lunch, I stopped at Kwik Trip for gas. AND GUESS WHAT SONG WAS PLAYING INSIDE? 


My favorite of all time!

Might as well remind you of my second favorite just for fun...

That about wraps up today's edition of #musicmonday. 

What are your all-time favorites? 

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