Have you seen this gem floating around the webs? It's good. What's your favorite? 

I came across this quote by Katherine Mansfield earlier this week on the celebration of her birth.  

"I adore Life. What do all the fools matter and all the stupidity? They do matter but somehow for me they cannot touch the body of Life. Life is marvelous. I want to be deeply rooted in it - to live - to expand - to breathe in it - to rejoice - to share it. To give and to be asked for Love.” 

Today I am waking up very much in agreement with Katherine Mansfield. Sometimes things seem like the matter so much. But a lot of it really doesn't. Life is so awful sometimes. But it's also so marvelous. 

Like Katherine...I want to expand - to breathe life in - to rejoice - to share it. To give and to be asked for Love.

I used to think romantic love...finding a partner...a true mate for life...was the key. 

I think that's a fine path when it works. A fine element to a good life.

But I don't think it's the key. And making it the key can lead one astray...can lead one far, far from one's truest self. 

I think the key is to adore Life and to be deeply rooted it in. To breathe it in. To keep Loving.

May your weekend be full of Life at its most marvelous.  

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