Music Tuesday

Yes, it's Tuesday.
Not Monday.
But it feels like Monday, eh? 
So...I present to you...Music Monday (on Tuesday).

(I am not *necessarily* ashamed to admit that I really like Justin Bieber's new single.
And I do create improvised dance routines to it. And I have perfected a few "hip new moves" that I am sure to bust out on the dance floor sometime soon if I ever encounter a dance floor. One never knows.)

(I really liked this song when I bought the album last year. Glad to see it released as a single.)

(I like this band. Very ethereal sort of 1980s synthesizer sound. This song is cool. Reminds me of warm summer nights under the stars.)

(I learned about this group and song on The Current. I like their vibe.)

(If it sounds like Justin Vernon's voice...that's because it is.)

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