I've been foiled by my body once again!

I woke up with all sorts of low platelet symptoms: blood blisters, petechiae, wet purpura. Not good. And it REALLY happened fast. Friday I was at 385 and by today, I was out of platelets.

I got a unit of platelets and a shot today at the Infusion Therapy Center - and will get daily blood tests until things stabilize as well as platelet transfusions as needed.

So no fashion show for me this year (the show is Thursday evening). Really disappointing.

I was so excited and enjoyed the fitting at the end of last week! It's annoying to have to miss out on events, trips, and commitments so often. Last month I had to miss out on a 4 day work trip to New York City. A few weeks ago, I missed out on a 4 day stay in Grand Marais. And now the fashion show. But - I try to remind myself of the bigger picture. It's okay to be disappointed. It's also okay to approach reality with a sense of gratitude. For life. For time with my family over the weekend. For good nurses and lab techs. For a great job. For loving friends. For hobbies that bring me joy. For learning. For warm days. For sunshine.

As I keep learning - plans change. And adapting is the name of the game.

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