Podcast Recommendations

Over the past week I've been doing a lot of walking! It's a great way to rebuild my strength and endurance after a very sedentary month. While walking, my favorite is to listen to podcasts. I've discovered two excellent podcasts, and I thought you'd like to hear about them as well!

The first is called Read to Lead. The host, Jeff Brown, interviews a different author each week. The podcast is founded on the idea that reading and learning are central to a successful, well-rounded life. The authors that Jeff interviews generally have a specialty in leadership, entrepreneurship, or creativity. Their conversations are engaging and relevant. And - in the course of a 30 minute podcast - the listener gets a great summary of an interesting book. 

Next is my current FAVORITE podcast. It's called Mystery Show. The host is Starlee Kine. Her work has also been heard on This American Life. And she writes, too. I wish we could be besties. THIS PODCAST IS SO GOOD. Starlee solves mysteries. That's the shows concept. And they are mysteries that couldn't be solved online. She has to follow clues. And along the way, she meets interesting people and asks such superb questions. I LOVE IT so much. I think you'll like it, too. 

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