Let today

Yesterday was an interesting day.  The sort of day when a little too much was squeezed in. The sort of day when the emotions contained within its hours were more than I thought possible. If this summer has been one of "life's most difficult lessons," then yesterday was perhaps the season's final capstone.

It had some scary moments. 
It had some really joyful moments.
And it had some upsetting moments. 

Sometimes reality is hard to swallow.
Sometimes reality hurts...when we really see it.
Sometimes reality hurts like a giant bulldozer scooping up a whole heart - with all its memories, hopes, and dreams - and then ramming that precious heart against a brick wall. 
Life is like that sometimes.
Reality is like that sometimes.
Not all the time.
Just sometimes.

But even then. 
Even when the bulldozer rolls in. 
And it feels like a truly giant-sized hurt. 
Even then.

Time keeps going.
The seconds keep ticking.
The earth keeps spinning.

Tomorrow there will be a sunrise and sunset, 
and with each sunrise,
and each sunset, 
it will get better.
The hurt: it will slowly release and shift.

But there is no way to fast-forward through this part.

And we wouldn't want to.

Because there is value in the being bulldozed.

There is something sacred about being smashed of our illusions.
Of taking the illusion and unwrapping it piece by piece. 
For when we do - we uncover the truth about ourselves.
Sometimes it's scary.
Sometimes it's not. 

But it always makes us free.

Humanity - Illusions = Freedom. 
Emily - Resentment = Freedom
Acceptance + Rest = Freedom


  1. May you be peacefully free, healing all the while.

  2. Bulldozers may make giant black holes, but they are also able to create a level area. That usually takes some times, but often beautiful things can flourish and grow. Here's hoping.

    1. Amen, Janice. Here's hoping. Beautiful things can flourish and grow. I love that image.