Pre-Birthday Weekend


On Monday I'm headed north with my momma for a week! We're going to soak in nature time, laughing time, photography time, hiking time, and snacking time. I'm so elated for this opportunity to read and soak in the gift of down time. I doubt I'll be online much while away. Perhaps now and then. Then again, maybe I'll get the writing bug.

I think that will be the pace of the blog moving forward. Uncertain but joyful. That will also be my daily pace of life. Uncertain but joyful.

I'm in a time of a lot of personal reflection and learning. Sometimes I feel like writing non-stop. Other times I feel like sharing a cup of coffee or two or three with a dear friend. And other times I feel like getting tons of really restful bedtime sleep. As I approach 32, I feel that I'm only just beginning to have any grasp on most of the concepts I thought I had some awareness of: love, trust, faith, healing, authenticity, truth, failure, vulnerability.

I love this blog space. And I treasure you. I hope you aren't too disappointed by the less frequent postings. Thanks for accepting me just as I am.

Have a great Saturday!

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