Weekend Rambles


Yesterday afternoon my mom and I headed on a spontaneous adventure to visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. The institute is currently hosting a very special exhibit on the Hapsburg dynasty! Super interesting. Do you know much about the Hapsburgs? I bet you know more than you think you do! (Martin Luther was at odds with Charles V, and he was a Hapsburg.)

You should go to the exhibit. It's really interesting! And it is a huge deal that many of the pieces in the exhibit are in the United States. No photos were allowed in that section; bummer! We opted to pay the extra for the audio guides which I highly recommend. You get lots of bonus info.

We also wandered around the rest of the museum and then stopped at the Medford Outlet Mall and El Tequila in Owatonna on the way back. It's rated the #1 restaurant in Owatonna according to TripAdvisor. We were impressed. Mom and I both ordered the tamales, and they were delicioso!




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