Temptation Bundling

The weather has been warmer here in southeastern Minnesota which has been delightful! And it means: outdoor walking season has returned! I LOVE long walks outside. It's the perfect time to reflect, talk to a friend or relative on the phone, or listen to podcasts!

Lately I've been using the Stitcher app on my cell phone. I don't need to load podcasts onto my Ipod anymore; I can just listen to them right through Stitcher. Mega handy.

Today I listened to the most recent episode of Freakonomics which is about temptation bundling. The title of the episode is, "When willpower isn't enough." I recommend it! It's about 33 minutes long. Here's a link. 

The host interviews super awesome smartie Katherine Milkman who is a behavioral economist. I hadn't heard of behavioral economy before but it's a blending of psychology and economics, and it sounds super fascinating!

Katherine coined the term "temptation bundling." It's when you combine an activity/incentive that you love with an activity that you should do but avoid. For example...she only allows herself to watch her favorite tv shows at the gym while exercising.

The episode centers on different strategies which allow us to make the most optimal choices. It's about maximizing willpower. The show also mentions something called the "fresh start effect" - the desire to be our very best at the start of a week, month, new year, birthday, etc. I found it really interesting! And now I'm pondering some different temptation bundles that might help keep me on track with my 10 goals for 2015!

Do you have any temptation bundles? If so, what are they?

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  1. Grateful that you post new and exciting recommendations. You are always on top the new which I'm not, so thank you and keep them coming.