Music Monday

Thanks for the kind emails, texts, and support the last couple days!

You sure know how to make a gal feel supported and encouraged. You're great friends. Thank you. I've said it a lot over the last 6 years of this blog's existence - but I mean it every single time: thank you for giving me this place to share, reflect, and explore.

Growing up is interesting. Trickier than anticipated. It's probably always like this, huh?  

Today was a good day. I felt recentered and refocused.

Now - music time! Today's recommendations are all from Bjork's most recent album Vulnicura. It was released on January 20. Are you a Bjork fan? She's fascinating. I really like her music - it's trance-like and strange.

Atom Dance "We are each others hemispheres, I am fine tuning my soul, To the universal wavelength, No one is a lover alone, I propose an atom dance."

Black Lake


History of Touches (remix)

Family (remix) "Out of this sorrow, Build a safe bridge"

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