I didn't happen to see any movies in the past week or take any photos. But I DID see episode 1 of Downton Abbey Season 5! Did you?

If you dislike spoilers, please stop reading now.

Alright, now for those who watched....what did you think? Which storyline are you most captivated by this year? I'll admit it, I am totally sucked into the narrative centered on Lady Edith and the beautiful love child. I am so curious as to how it will all play out! And what on earth ever happened to her sweetie?!

Also...Lady Mary and the prospect of a week-long getaway with her beau. How very scandalous for the day!

Don't you just love Daisy? I do. And Mrs. Patmore. And Carson. I love how he finds any sign of impropriety to be utterly outrageous and astonishing!

The winds of change are sure blowing this season - set in 1924. I'm loving it. I watched it with my mom and laughed out loud at least 5 times in the course of the episode. Such quite wit and sharp banter. So fun to watch.

Look, here are a few cast members in their regular garb...

I'd love to hear your Downton thoughts!

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  1. Yes! I'm curious about if Edith started the fire to be able to make a connection to the fireman even more!