Sunday Funday

2014-12-07_07-44-39I had the joy of spending this morning at Mount Olive Lutheran Church in Rochester. It was a wonderful experience.

They invited me to come and share during their Adult Education Hour between worship services. I was able to share about my employer: The Southeastern Minnesota Synod. It was a genuine joy to talk about our synod-wide Enough Food for All initiative - and other tidbits about the synod's purpose and structure. I hope to do that more. It's fun to preach and lead worship - but in those cases, I don't have much time to share about the synod's broader purpose. Today was excellent. What an awesome family of faith!

2014-12-07_07-44-11Extra bonus: I got to hang out with Loren Else - Boomer Grandpa of the Post-Bulletin. He also writes a Wednesday column. Loren is an inspiration and extremely kind and humble.

Worship at Mount Olive was lovely, too. It's incredible that we are already enjoying the 2nd Sunday of Advent! Are you participating in any Advent photo challenges, devotions, or calendars?

This afternoon, Mom and I enjoyed some yummy breakfast-themed eats at the Canadian Honker. Then nap. And then perfect quality time with my friend Shannon and her kitty Abby! I am usually allergic to cats and get really red in the eyes and scratchy in the throat. I couldn't resist playing with Abby and guess what? No allergic reaction! Jackpot!




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