Updates...almost on the right track

Updates, updates. What are you listening to this week? After a 4 year hiatus, I'm back into podcasts! I used to LOVE listening to my favorite podcasts every week. I am not sure why I took a hiatus; but I'm back in! All in! What are your current favs? I'm also listening to a lot of the band The Ericksons. They're great.

Guess what I JUST found out? Iggy Azaela is going to be in Minneapolis ON FRIDAY! I googled "Iggy concert dates" because I was curious about whether she was coming to Minnesota at any point. And she's going to be here at the end of the week. I am SO tempted to get tickets. I really like her a lot. It's also Wartburg's homecoming weekend. That would be fun, too. And preaching on Sunday in Rochester! Yahoo!

My platelet count is way up this week! 43,000! Up from 8,000 a week ago. The medicine seems to be working again - as are your prayers and positive vibes and kind thoughts. Thank you. I am taking it one day at a time and trying not to worry or think too much about platelets. So far, so good.

On Saturday night during the zombie extravaganza, I went to a food truck called Tot Boss. I had the BEST TOTS OF MY WHOLE LIFE. They were called Nacho Tots. Nachos....but no chips. Instead, nacho toppings on top of tator tots. More or less...pure genius. Does anyone else flash back to Napoleon when the subject of tots arises?

Immediately upon finishing my tots in Minneapolis on Saturday at 9:37PM, I started thinking about the next time I could eat something so delicious. I basically completely stopped thinking about the 29,999 other zombies around me and focused only on dreams of tator tot recipe creation. Because that's how I roll.

Sunday, I thought maybe Taco Johns would have some sort of deliciousness made with potato oles. So I went after to find some after church. They do have something on the menu that looks a little like Nacho Tots...but it was soupy and not good. There was so much fake cheese that I almost gagged. No go. Today after work I started thinking of tots again. I decided to go to Fareway and get all the supplies for my own version of Nacho Tots. And it turned out delicious! Ground beef with taco seasoning, lettuce, salsa, cheese, sour cream and tots! I could eat it all day every day! I am sure there are ways to make it a little healthier. All of the toppings would certainly be awesome on a baked potato, too. But there is something SO GOOD ABOUT TOTS! I think you should try it.

Next time I go up to the Cities, I'm probably going to try and hunt down that Tot Boss food truck. It was incredible. Totally worth the 45 minute wait (which actually ended up providing some great people watching time).

Aside from all the tot talk...all in all, I'm feeling good about life...like I am just about on the right track. Not quite. Still a little unsettled. Still a little uncertain. But generally exceedingly grateful. Completely, utterly thankful. All the way from my head to my toes.