Music Monday

First up: happy belated birthday to this cutie-pie sunshine: JOY! Her birthday was on Saturday. She's amazing and I love her and miss her bunches and bunches. Joy is my dear friend from seminary and lives in Illinois with her awesome husband, Jake, and their two fantastic sons. Love you, Joy! Hope your birthday was wonderful!

(PS: Big surprise - look what I was carrying in my purse back in 2006. 
Yes...that's right...Diet Mountain Dew, of course.
I just got super nostalgic for the Chicago years!!!!)


PPS: Do you watch South Park? The most recent Gluten Free Ebola episode was hilarious. Totally offensive to many/most. But for whatever reason, I find that show very funny in small doses. 

PPPS: Great clip (note: offensive content included) on sexism from a The Daily Show! Amen, Jessica! (Also note: She is being sarcastic at the beginning...if sarcasm is not your thing or you believe sexism no longer exists (IT DOES!), you will likely not enjoy this clip.)

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