Last night my friend Elizabeth invited me to join her for a fundraising dinner for Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge - the Rochester branch. Have you heard of it? It's an Addiction Treatment Center.

A huge, deeply impactful highlight of the evening was hearing people who are currently in the program sharing their stories of addiction, treatment, and recovery. The extended inpatient program is 13 months long; it's a major commitment. These folks had intense stories. They are brave and have overcome a lot. They also sang...all of them...together. Very meaningful night.

I encourage you to investigate MN Adult and Teen Challenge and consider supporting them. It seemed like a program that is built on rebuilding a strong, affirming sense of identity that is rooted in the love of God. I'm going to do more research and a tour soon. I'll keep you posted.

I had a blood test yesterday and was up to 28! Up from 13 on Monday and 8 on Tuesday. A very nice bump. I'm thrilled because 28 is above the danger zone! I have a weekend of fun ahead and no time for platelet drama. #gratitude

The weather has been lovely this week and I hear next week is supposed to be warm. So nice.

I made a video for work. It features Campus Ministry in our synod. Here's a peek...

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