This verse came into my head yesterday.
I was at my desk at work.
And the words just landed in my head.
Just the words - not the biblical book or exact verse.
I thought to myself, "What does this mean and why did it come into my head?"
So I googled "you will seek me and find me when you seek with all your heart."
And then I found out it's from Jeremiah 29:13. 

Still pondering what it might mean for this particular life juncture.


  1. Hi Emily,
    I met you briefly last night at the SEMVA art opening. I knew you looked familiar, but I couldn't remember how. Then I realized it was you—the Lady Pastor! I wondered why you didn't share who you were?
    I think this a beautiful passage. It reminds me of my own journey of repentance, and how I really didn't know who God was until I began reading His Word. I think the message is to keep reading, keep finding Him there, in His Word. That thought popping into your head and finding it in the Bible is God's Holy Spirit Nudge saying, "Here I am. This is where I can be found."
    Peace in Jesus--Sara

    1. :) Hey Sara! I'm so glad you posted a comment.

      I love your words here - very wise. Are you on Facebook? We should get coffee sometime!