Music Monday

Did you have a good Labor Day? Back to school for anyone in your familia today?

Wow-wee. Seriously. Seriously. Seriously. Summertime...I miss you already. But, alas, since the hands of time only move forward, I guess I will jump on the autumn bandwagon. Maybe all the awesome travel adventures I anticipated for summer will somehow transpose themselves into autumn!? And my platelets will be normal or semi-normal for awhile!? #hope

I had a lovely day of non-Laboring! A rain-soaked walk followed by a sunshine walk at Quarry Hill. Dinner at Pescara. And now...packing for a 1.5 day staff retreat!

Here are a few tunes for your week....

I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes (I heard this song on the radio today for the first time...but apparently it was really popular in 2013. It's so sweet!)

Cool Kids by Echosmith

Somebody Loves You by Betty Who

Fortune by William Fitzsimmons

Orange Blossom by Gardens & Villa

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  1. I just discovered Betty Who when the Relevant Podcast played a clip of Heartbreak Dream! So much fun. It's great cleaning-house music :)