Weekend Update

Have you ever seen the 1970s film "Annie Hall"?
I can now answer that question in the affirmative!
It's currently streaming on Netflix. 
Diane Keaton is adorable.
La-de-da. La-de-da.


I'm still about 97% obsessed with the Co-op salad bar in Rochester. 

I'm recovering quite well post-infusion and transfusion. I made it through a full work day yesterday. Rested up last night and went to bed early. Still pretty sleepy but not too bad. 

Tomorrow I'm heading to Iowa to visit relatives. *excitement squeel*

What's on your weekend agenda? 

1 comment:

  1. Have not seen "Annie Hall".

    Safe travels to Iowa! I'm currently in UP of Mich, helping my last surviving aunt celebrate 90 years of living. Super busy day today, decorating, taking photos of visitors. She was exhausted after 4 hours of walking around, but happy with a big smile on her face.

    Had a fun 5+ hour drive up through some awesome farm country in Wisconsin. Beautiful weather, and the SUV got 31 mpg.