Shopping with Kaitlin

This ray of sunshine is my friend, Kaitlin. She works at Hy-Vee as a dietitian. She also writes a weekly column for the Post-Bulletin called Cart Smarts (here's a great one from last May on ginger). Kaitlin and I met a few years back, and she has become a very dear pal.  

My P-B column this week is focused on healthful eating. Here's a link. 

In the column, I mention that I participated in Hy-Vee's special promo "Shop with a Dietitian." Kaitlin was my guide through the Hy-Vee north store in Rochester. I learned a lot in our hour together. (Side note: I love all the grocery stores in the Rochester area - each has its own perks.)

A few takeaway Hy-Vee tips...

1) Hy-Vee does carry local produce! It's all displayed together, and it looks delicious. 
2) Hy-Vee carries "Responsible Choice Seafood" (definitely worth the extra cost)
3) Apply for the Fuel Saver Card; it's a nice perk!
4) Vanilla Chex (which I am currently eating at 10:20pm on Wednesday night for dinner) contains a good amount of iron.
5) Hy-Vee has an excellent selection of gluten-free items!
6) Do you ever eat Blue Diamond Nut-Thins? I love all the flavors! Kaitlin introduced me to Honey Mustard. SO DELICOUS. 
7) Hy-Vee utilizes the NuVal scoring system for all food items. It is an excellent tool! I wish every grocery store used it!

I had a great experience at Hy-Vee! It was especially fun to have the opportunity to watch a good friend in her vocational element - serving the community and letting her light shine. 

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