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Greetings and good day to you. I'm thinking a lot about Robin Williams this morning. Did you hear this story? It is the story of how Robin made Christopher Reeve laugh for the first time after his accident. They were classmates at Julliard.

Platelet update: I'm at 62 today, up from 21 last Thursday. I met with Dr. Hook for our monthly conversation. July was markedly better than May and June, so the plan is to continue on with the current plan. I'll keep taking Promacta each day. And every 21 days, I'll have an infusion of IVIG - the medicine that takes about 6-hours at the Infusion Therapy Center.

I feel very thankful for this plan. I was hoping my count would stabilize a bit in July so I could stick with IVIG and Promacta. And sure enough, my count did stabilize a bit. It's far from perfect, but I didn't have to be admitted to the hospital over night, and that's major progress. I also never got to a count of 1 or 2. I told Dr. Hook about my no gluten, no aspartame, high meditation, high juicing, low histamine lifestyle. I'm thankful for his guidance and support. 

Now it's time for the next edition of "Pretty Pictures from the North Shore." These babies are from Grand Marais, my new second favorite place on earth (after Alaska).

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