Sunday Review

It's hard to describe how much the last few weekends have meant to me. I love summer adventures, summer relaxing, and summer laughter. The last few weekends have contained plenty of all three.

After that scary stretch of single-digit platelet counts and hospitalizations, I was exhausted in every capacity. So many weekends of May and June were spent longing for brighter days.

And now brighter days are here. I hope they stick around. But no matter what, I'm going to enjoy this moment. Fully. My platelet count is stabilizing. No new red dots. No bruises. Two blood tests a week.

I'm sticking with my low histamine plan, and I'm following it completely. No cheats. I feel really healthy. And immensely thankful. My count isn't "high" but it is much higher than it was. And I'm out of the danger zone.

My heart is happy and more at peace than it has been for quite awhile.


  1. Two thumbs UP on the platelet stabilization!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cruised over to Lake City on Sunday. Did you notice the swarms of Mayflies near the river? Wow! Mobil homes, boats, cars were literally covered with these bugs around the Marina area. Yuck!

    Hey, you need to eat more rice! Looks like you have shrunk, sitting on that green chair.

    1. Hi Pete! I didn't notice the Mayflies. Yikes. Sounds like there were a bunch!