Have you ever taken any classes online for free?

This looks like an awesome resource: https://www.edx.org

I'm signed up for the Science of Happiness which starts in September & Fundamentals of Immunology which starts in October! Very excited!

I spent tonight at the hospital in the Infusion Therapy Center getting a unit of platelets. My count is at 6. Bummer. Under 10. The dreaded "danger zone." Not sure what the new plan will be. I'm sure the doctor will call in the morning.

It's tricky when my blood test results come back in the evening because an on-call resident/fellow often ends up with my case, and he/she doesn't know me and rarely knows an extensive amount about chronic ITP.

In the meantime and on the bright side, I get to be in my own bed tonight. And tomorrow morning, I can still scoot into Chatfield for to give the presentation (I've had to cancel it more than once due to the platelets, so I really want to follow through tomorrow). After that, I think I'll probably get a large dose of IVIG - but I'm not sure what Dr. Hook will suggest. 

The good thing is that even if I have to be admitted to the hospital, the wedding on Thursday is right down on Peace Plaza in Rochester (which is right by the hospital), so I could just put on my dress and preside and then head back to my room. :) 

Hopefully no hospitalization will be necessary. 

I feel good.

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