-social media
-hotel towels
-southern accents
-awesome women
-taxi cabs
-guided tours


I'll be incorporating all of the aforementioned favorite things into my life from July 23-July 27 in Charlotte, North Carolina. I've been invited to be on the social media crew for the Ninth Triennial Gathering of the Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Awesome! Yahoo! Yippee! Rejoicing! Glee! 

I'm so thrilled! This will be an amazing opportunity to participate in an inspiring event and share about it with others. All be using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and this blog every step of the way (#welcatg). 

Wednesday, July 23 = travel day
Thursday, July 24 = touring Charlotte and enjoying dinner with the other social media folks, Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, WELCA staff, and other awesome folks 
Friday, July 25-Saturday, July 26 = the official gathering
Sunday, July 27 = worship and journey home

Highlights I'm most looking forward to:
-Hearing Susan Sparks (she's a lawyer, pastor, AND comedian!)
-Exploring Charlotte, North Carolina
-Meeting women from around the country

Thank you, WELCA for this opportunity!
I am thrilled and deeply thankful. 


  1. Enjoy, Emily! Sounds like a great opportunity for you.

    Plan on it being a wee bit warm outside there then, though. :)