Day #4

8:00am: still at the hospital. Still at a count of 2. Bad headache from second dose of IVIG. Will try to sleep a lot and wait for platelets to return. Had to cancel my Nashville trip.

Noon: Doctors are very concerned...if no improvement by tomorrow, more invasive options will be on the table. I feel sad and scared. And I am throwing up from the IVIG.

1:30: Got a reiki/healing touch treatment here at the hospital. Favorite thing ever at Mayo Clinic. There is a team of volunteers who will do a healing touch treatment for any patient who requests one.

3:00. I am up to 15,000! Shower and cup of sherbet. Not out of the woods but major progress!

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  1. Em....you've been on my mind all day. Hope you feel our prayers and love. Hopefully, the platelets will begin to increase each minute today and tomorrow. God's Blessings for improvement soon.