Column and platelets

This week's column was written the day synod assembly wrapped up. It's written in celebration of all audio, lighting, and visual production professionals.

Side note: platelet prayers appreciated. I had a feeling my count was low because I was getting little red dots in my mouth which always means low platelets. A few bruises, too. Anyway, I got a blood test after work and sure enough, I'm at 8,000. Boo, platelets. Boo. Come on - plates - you can do better than this!

I ensured the medical resident on call tonight (who phoned with the results) that I wouldn't be by myself until the count was back up. She said it would be best to either go to the ER or stay overnight with someone. Thanks, Mom, for hosting me at your place whenever my count returns to the danger zone. :)

My regular doctor will be in tomorrow morning with suggestions. I imagine the plan will be to take extra Promacta for a few more days to see if that works.

In the meantime, all is well. I'm working a regular schedule, and no one even knows about all this platelet hoopla (unless they happen to read this blog). I'll lay off the half-marathon training until I get back above 30,000. And do my best to think happy thoughts in the meantime.

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