Beet Treat

This photo is a little deceptive.
The beet looks average in size.
But in real life - it was a HUGE beet.
I ate it earlier this week.

Here's a SUPER easy way to eat a beet.

#1: Turn oven to 400 degrees.
#2: Rinse beet and wrap the whole thing in aluminum foil. 
#3: Bake for a long, long time. 
#4: Let cool for 10 minutes. Unwrap beet. Peel off outer layer. Gobble up.

My giant beet took nearly 2 hours to cook. 

There are many delicious ways to cook a beet. 

What are your favorites? 

I'm really looking forward to farmer's market season!

What market do you visit? 

In an unrelated side note...

Big weekend plans? Mother's Day celebrations?

I was supposed to be a judge at a communication ethics competition in Minneapolis. That would have been #megafun. But instead, I'll be laying low and growing platelets. 

It's garage sale weekend around here, so maybe if I feel better, I could go on a brooch search. 

Joy and happy moments to you, friends! 

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