Do not be afraid.

Do not be afraid.

That's what the angel said when the women found an empty tomb.

Do not be afraid.

That's what Jesus said when the women greeted him for the first time post-resurrection.

Do not be afraid.

Jesus used those words when he entered the locked room where the disciples were meeting. 

Do not be afraid. 


Fear is a powerful force.

And it continues to play an all-too-strong role in shaping our country and world.

Today - imagine a world without fear.
Imagine a life without fear.
Imagine a trust that permeates your whole spirit, blocking out the spaces of worry and fear.

Do not be afraid today.

Of the unknown.
Of the certain.
Of the past.
Of the future.
Of what you think.
Of what others think.
Of your successes.
Of your failures.

Live without fear today.
And let the source of that courage guide your steps.