A great exhibit!

Have you ever visited the History Center of Olmsted County?

If not, get on over there! It's a wonderful gem of the southeastern Minnesota region.

I had never been to the History Center until I visited on Saturday evening for the opening of a great exhibit. The exhibit is called: The Evolution of Women's Gowns: A 150 Year Photographic Illustration of Changing Erotic Zones.

Don't let the title fool you into thinking there is anything even remotely inappropriate about this exhibit. It's actually a perfect title. The photographs of the exhibit reveal how women's clothing changed from 1800 to 1945. Dresses didn't reveal much during that era; the most erotic of regions revealed were generally ankles and elbows. During some decades, dressed accentuated the tush - sometimes the waist - sometimes the neck.

The photographer/artist behind the lens is Timothy Piotrowski. He worked closely with clothing historian, Dr. Colleen Gau, and designer Marann Fagat on the project.

The exhibit features photos of women's gowns spanning 1800 to 1945. Timothy took the photographs with a very old camera. He has a keen eye.

The photography and the captions on the photos are very enlightening. I walked away from the experience having learned a lot about both the fashion and the history of the 19th century.

I also checked out the rest of the exhibits while there. The History Center is a very interesting place!

Timothy Piotrowski addressing the crowd;
he shared about his artistic process and the timeline of the overall project. 

Who can resist a selfie with an old Mayowood lion?

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