Word of the Week: RETURNS

It's Friday.

And next Friday - guess what? I'll be sharing YOUR photos.

Word of the Week has returned!!!!!!!! *cheering/clapping/rejoicing*

Our next word will be "think." So please email me a photo that relates to this word. Anything that makes you "think." I can't wait to see your responses. Really excited to kick off this project again.

If you're new to the blog, the endeavor works like this....
1) There's a new word each week.
2) At some point in the week you snap a photo of something that relates to the word. Or you dig through the old pics on your cell or computer (or scrapbooks) - and find a related photo that way.
3) Email it to me.
4) Then we get to enjoy all the collected photos the following Friday.
5) It's awesome. Please join the fun!

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