The return to Minnesota

It's 3:20am, and I'm back from DC. In the coming days, I look forward to finding time to summarize the experience. It was really powerful and amazing. I can't wait to go back to that great city. Also, I think I might like to go to law school as soon as I get my seminary loans paid off.

Here is a photo from earlier this morning - our day lobbying at the Capitol!

In the photo with me are Kathy, my traveling companion/a member of the synod staff, and Andres Alba, a leader in the Lutheran Church in Colombia.

Adam and Eve had SO much fun in DC. I can't wait to show you all their adventures!


  1. It does not surprise me that you would want to go to law school. Emily, you are so smart that you could do anything you want. Besides that, you would be a great and fashionable lawyer. However, you are still the best Pastor and soon you will put your finger prints on the synod and they will realize how good you really are.