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Lent is here. Can you believe it?
40 days + 6 Sundays.
A time to ponder.
Dig deep.

Today will be my first Ash Wednesday in a long while in which I am not putting ashes on the foreheads of people. Instead, I'll be worshiping in a congregation! It will be a good experience to remember what Ash Wednesday/Lent/Easter/Sundays feel like from this perspective.

Do you have anything you're cutting out of your life for Lent?
Anything you're hoping to add to mix?

I'm committed to daily devotional time each day of Lent and daily writing time - 15 minutes of each. I should be in the practice of daily devotional time regardless of liturgical season. But I'm not. I was in a good pattern for awhile, but then with all the recent transitions, I've been slacking.

A friend gave me the book Jesus Calling as a going away gift from Zion, so I'm planning to read that each morning. And then spend at least 15 minutes each evening writing in reflection of the day.

As part of my role as Communications Director for the synod, I'm responsible for writing and mailing out a weekly e-newsletter. Want to join the mailing list? Follow this page to the bottom and enter your email. The weekly e-news is a summary of synod-related updates and events. I hope you'll join the fun!

The monthly newsletter is called River Crossings. Would you like to receive an email letting you know when the most recent issue is available? Click here and enter your email.

After completing day #2 on the job, I'd say I have somewhere between 5-10% clarity. :) That's pretty good for only my second day, right? It's been a blast so far, and the days are flying by. Many of my job responsibilities are fairly new territory. Learning new things every second. Love it. Learning is awesome!

There's an amazing life tool that I think you should consider investing in. Power Sheets. They were created by Lara Casey. It's a way to set intentional, realistic life goals. I LOVE my #powersheets. Be prepared to invest real time in this process. But it's really worth it.

There are quite a few prep pages before setting your overall goals. These pages help you clarify your overall sense of call/mission/purpose in the world. Then you are empowered to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals that truly help you to "make what matters happen." There are check-in pages every month to evaluate progress.

This experience has reinvigorated me to set goals and work toward them every day. I highly recommend it! Here's a little bit of the flavor....

Have a meaningful, thoughtful Ash Wednesday. Peace to you!

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