Facebook Memory Lane

Facebook just turned 10! It started back in 2004. I joined in January of 2006. I looked through my old Facebook albums and pulled out a few gems. 

Seminary friend reunion. 2012.

Friends alongside cool band. Summer 2011.

Seminary fun. 2008.

Seminary fun. 2009. We were each showing the number of the geographic region to which we had been assigned.

A dog bit me AND ripped through my favorite John Mayer pants. 2007.

Broken ankle. 2007.

Birthday party photo booth fun. 2013.

End of internship year party. Summer 2008.

Brother and sister fun. 2011.

Whitewater rafting. 2010.

Snake charming at Quarry Hill. 2011.

Magnificent Maggie and Carl Kasell. 2008. 

Ordination day with two wonderful friends from southern Illinois. 2009.

My first garden. 2010.

Quality time with Glen. I miss him. 2010. 

Fun times in the early Chicago days with Joy. 2006.

Courtney, Santa, and Emily with bangs. 2006 or 2007. 

Clinical Pastoral Education graduation. Summer 2006. 

Seminary graduation. May 2009. 

College graduation. May 2005.

Amazing Tomoko. May 2005. 

The first meal I made in Chicago. 

The first PB column. August 2011. 

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