Music Monday

I learned earlier today that the official name of the deep freeze happening around the country is "polar vortex." I love those words; it sounds a little sci-fi. And maybe even scary....like, "Don't step too close to that polar vortex or it will pull you in!"

 Inspired by the intensity of the words, I think for the next couple days, we should only refer to what's happening outside by its official name. No longer should we say, "Wow! It is so cold." Instead, we should say, "Wow! That polar vortex is nuts!" Or, "Can you believe this intense polar vortex?" Or, "When I woke up today, I was nearly sucked right into that polar vortex."

You with me? Let's do this. Polar vortex 2014!

Here are some tunes for the week....

Skeleton Key by Love Inks

The Hours by Philip Glass
(P.G. is currently my favorite Pandora station)

Gymnopedie No. 1 originally composed by Erik Satie
(He was a French composer: 1866-1925)

Thread by Now, Now

Why We Build the Wall by Anais Mitchell (ft. Greg Brown)


BONUS: Did someone say "House of Cards, Season 2"? I thought so! I can't wait! Here's the preview just released by Netflix. (so good, I even got a few goosebumps!) 

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