Get Enough Sleep

You've got to check out this Huff Post link.

Sleep is a big deal!

What are your tips and tricks for a good night of sleep?

I've only been working at this since January 1,
but so far, here are a few things that work for me.....

1) Give yourself a true bedtime and stick with it.
Write it on your planner if needed.
Get into bed at that time, even if you aren't "tired yet."
(Clearly, those of you with lil' babies are thinking, "That tip does not work if you have infants or toddlers." And you are correct! I have no idea how you do it! Kudos parents of the universe! Way to go!)

2) Move cell phone and Ipad away from the bed for 20 minutes before sleepy time. Turn off chimes and alarms.

3) Incense or calm-smelling candle (I was REALLY into incense about 5 years ago so I have a gigantic stash (the same time I was REALLY into veganism); I do find the smell to be quite calming).

4) Prayer and reflection before sleep. Slow down the mind. Intentionally. Maybe meditate for a minute (or longer).

5) When the lights are off and its time to drift away to bedtime land,
stop thinking. Tell yourself, "These thoughts will be ready for me to think tomorrow. For now, it's time for peaceful brain."

Do you have anything to add to the list?

Favorite bedtime routines?

Sleepy music?

Teas that you enjoy before shut-eye time? 

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  1. Physical work and/or lots of exercise. When you're in shape, you get much better sleep. (At least I do!)