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First up, I didn't see much of the Golden Globes because I was initially at a Dinner for 8 church group. And then it was Downton Abbey time.

But I did see the winner's list. There's now a bunch of new films added to my "must-see" list.

I was thrilled to see Breaking Bad taking home the globe for Best TV Series, Drama! Agree 110%! That final season was an epic piece of art. Glad to see Bryan Cranston won for best lead actor for his portrayal as Walter White. Would have loved to see Aaron Paul win for best supporting actor, too, but alas - can't win them all! Here's a great recent interview with Aaron in Details.  

Over the weekend I saw Inside Llewyn Davis, the newest film by the Coen boys. It was up for several awards last night including Best Picture. 

The film follows folk-singer Llewyn Davis for one week in 1961. It is certainly representative of the classic Coen style. Gray. Humorous in its bleak honesty about life's complexities. Great music. Fascinating characters. 

Initially, I walked out wishing it had ended all wrapped up with a big, beautiful bow. But now I realize how insincere that would be. It ends just as it should end. Final rating: 8 of 10. A good movie is one that leaves me thinking about it days later. This is certainly that kind of movie. It's about choices, consequences, persistence, relationships, hope, and failure. I recommend it if you're looking for a film that leaves you in a pondering mood.

The folk music is a delight through the whole film. Have you seen it? Here's a wonderfully written review for Rolling Stone by Peter Travers.  Here's an adorable clip of the actor who plays Llewyn (Oscar Isaac) singing "Roar" in folk-style...

Oscar Isaac: Roar

And here's a clip of another great tune from the film....

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