Exploring Minnesota: David Rathman

If you live in the southeastern Minnesota region, get yourself on over to the Rochester Art Center.

There is currently a great exhibit showcasing the work of Minnesota artist David Rathman. The name of the exhibit is "Stand by Your Accidents."


Much of David's work has a country-western/cowboy feel about it. He uses a lot of ink and watercolor on canvas.

He also writes one original line on the top of many of his works. Here's an example....

photo from RAC website

There were no photos allowed within the exhibit, otherwise I would have taken a bunch! There were so many terrific pieces. Some that made me smile. Some that made me teary with their truthfulness.

I did sneak just one photo which is an explanation of David's hand-written commentaries.
I found it very helpful in understanding his work. 


Read more about the RAC and David here.

It really is a thought-provoking, inspiring experience.
Check it out and let me know what you think. 

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