2014: The plan

Editing note: In order to calm the tone of this post down a little bit, I had to go back through the whole thing and take out about ten exclamation marks (literally). Why do I use those so much? I guess I am just THAT EXCITED at the beginning of a new year.

I'd like to begin with one of my favorite photos from 2013. Mom took it on my 30th birthday when we were in Alaska (thanks Mom). I think this photo represents much of what I loved about 2013. Adventure, exploration, emotion, and mystery.

Last year I initiated several endeavors - 30 goals for the year, Debt Free by 2015, and a host of other smaller projects.

I made it through about 25 of the 30 goals. A few of the unmet goals I will carry into the future (complete a book manuscript & organize my stamp collection). A few others I will leave behind (I may never learn to dive and feel surprisingly okay about that). All in all, I am very glad I wrote out the goals. I will not be doing a project of that nature this year, but it was a lot of fun in 2013.

Debt Free by 2015 is coming along very well! I'm one year in. My student loan payments are coming right along. I've made great progress. But I also had that lil' hospital stay in October which pretty much put me back to square one. So "Debt Free by 2015" is more-than-likely "Debt Free by Someday in the Future and I'm Feeling Very Peaceful About That." I feel good in that my debts are student loans and my Mayo bill. Not too shabby, really! :) I also feel good about decreasing spending over the past year - and putting a lot more toward paying off the loans I took out for college and seminary. All is well. And I learned a lot about finances last year.

This year, I'm focusing on three words. And together, they spell ART.

Awake: I chose this word because I really want to live my life awake - not sleepy. It is really important to me to figure out a good sleep schedule in the coming months. I want to go to bed early and wake up early. I love the early morning hours and always have, but I've developed less-than-stellar habits over the last few years. Many nights of getting home late from meetings and other ministry responsibilities led to staying up late. Then I'd wait to get up until around 7:30am or so. I'd much rather be in bed by 9:30/10pm and up by 5:30am/6am. If I can get on a good schedule, I know it will help me to feel much more awake and clear earlier in the day. I'm hoping to use those early hours for wellness and writing.

Reflect: This word represents my hope to be intentional about writing and journaling. I also hope to spend more time reflecting on what is working and not working - both in my professional life and personal life. A model of goal-setting, action, and then evaluation/reflection is key to making progress. In all areas of life! Time to starting living out what I believe! Once I've had more intentional time to reflect, I know it will help me reach my goals.

Trust: Trust in God. Trust in people. Trust in myself. All three are growth areas for me. This is the year!

I am overwhelmed with joy when I imagine the year ahead. My God guide all our steps. Amen.

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