Last month I watched someone try to catch a fish with this net. He tried and tried, with much perseverance. I imagine that eventually he did catch something. But just the mere process of watching him try was inspiring. He was on the lookout for a fish and he wasn't about to give up. 

As we approach these final days of Advent, we, too, are fishing - but in a different sort of way.

We're fishing for a part of the Christmas story that captures our heart. 

In recent weeks, I've been reading the first two chapters of Luke almost every day - for Bible studies, speaking engagements, confirmation and worship. Each time I read them, I notice something different.

I encourage you to take some time in the coming days to curl up with a Bible and go fishing for some good news within the first two chapters of Luke. What part of the story speaks to you most this year? Are there details you hadn't noticed before? 

Be sure to let me know about your next big Christmas catch! The story of Jesus' birth is incredibly good news - for a multitude of reasons. I'd love to hear about the parts of the narrative that most enliven your spirit this year!

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