The Kingdom of Heaven is like...

Remember this ol' blog feature?
I'd forgotten about it for awhile! 

I think the kingdom of heaven (whether we're experiencing it eternally or just catching a glimpse of it here on our planet) is like happy heart.

I love the feeling of happy heart.
Don't you?
For me, happy heart feels like my whole body is just filled with joy and gratitude.
When I just can't stop smiling and I feel like I may explode with thankfulness.
I think that's a glimpse at what eternity is like.
Happy heart and deep joy.
What are your happy heart places?

Last night I got to speak with a terrific group of oncology nurses for their fall banquet.

I sure LOVE public speaking!
Such a neat way to connect with people. 

It makes my heart so, so, so happy.
I was on cloud 9 when the talk wrapped up!

I didn't do a perfect job and I have a lot of continued growth to do when it comes to public speaking. But it really is my happy place. 

Maybe your happy heart spot is in your cozy chair in the morning with your cup of tea. Or perhaps it's sitting with a dear friend for dinner and a glass of wine. Or maybe it's the feeling of a completing a painting or poem. Or walking through a forest at dawn.

Thanks be to God for happy heart places. 

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  1. Emily, I was at your talk last night and I just wanted to let you know you did a great job!! You are one of the best speakers I have heard in a long time and very inspirational!! The Wholehearted Toolkit is already posted in my office and I am looking forward to reading one of the suggested books you have on their. Thank you for taking time to speak to our group last night, your gracious words and blessings....Peace, Jody Flynn