Lovely Links

It's Friday. A true Friday with no work responsibilities for the whole glorious day. It has been very pleasant. Friend time. Chimichanga time.

And, perhaps later, ice cream time.

Here are some links from the webs....

Tattly: Are you familiar with this company? Have I mentioned it before? They make amazing temporary tats. Which are your favorites?

On Being, episode: "Contemplating Mortality": I love every episode of this public radio program. This particular episode provided wonderful food-for-thought on death. Really good episode. 

Post-Bulletin Cover Story: Today's PB front page is about a Lake City man who was a ball bearer for JFK. It's very well-written, engaging, and highlights a fascinating local connection to the events that took place 50 years ago today. 

Kid President's newest video: Here it is! 20 things he thinks we should say more often. Terrific.

The official Catching Fire trailer! Katniss. So cool. Even the trailer gives me goosebumps!

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