A month and a half to go!


I still have quite a few goals left to reach on my list of 30 goals.

Here's the list. 

I need your help.

I think I can kick out few goals this week....

What's a good, recent subtitled movie available on Netflix or at the Rochester library?

Is lobster-cooking hard? Any tips?

Can you send me a link or email with an easy soup recipe?

When/where could I learn to dive AND go down a water slide? (I should have really worked on those two goals this past summer, huh!?)


  1. I la la love this EASY 5 ingredient pumpkin thai soup. So simple, so delicious. And good for you too (if you make it with low fat coconut milk): http://www.foodiecrush.com/2013/10/5-ingredient-thai-pumpkin-soup/. ENJOY.

  2. For the subtitled movie, I suggest "Life Is Beautiful." Wonderful love story set in the Holocaust.

    1. My friend is letting me borrow it! I am excited to see it!

  3. Look how much you've accomplished! Good for you.

  4. #9 - Let the Right One In (A foreign vampire/love story film from Sweden I think. Very good!)
    #12 - Anytime after Dec 13 to see the new house :) (Or for the holidays!!)
    <3 Ashley