Poetry Corner: Mary Oliver

First off, here's a link to this week's Post-Bulletin column. It's about sickness and bright spots.

Next, have you ever read the poetry of Mary Oliver? It was recently recommended to me, and I'm savoring every poem. Her poetry collection entitled "Thirst" is what I am working my way through first.

The poem "Messenger" is beautiful. My favorite lines are: "My work is loving the world." And my other favorite line is: "Let me keep my mind on what matters, which is my work, which is mostly standing still and learning to be astonished." Amen. And Amen.

There's another poem in the book called, "A Pretty Song." The first three stanzas took my breath away and caused a little bit of tear-production.

From the complications of loving you
I think there is no end or return.
No answer, no coming out of it.

If you're an Oliver fan, what are some of your favorites? If you're not familiar yet, I encourage you to explore her amazing way with words.

And a few random pics of Alaska in June...


  1. The nice day pictures with the sun are neat, but the foggy day picture is the one that reminds me of home. :)

    1. The foggy times were really beautiful, too. What an amazing state!