Danny and Annie

You are not going to believe my platelet count today! 347,000! A week and a half ago it was 1,000! I have never been over 150,000 in the last 3 years. This is bananas! Maybe I will be able to stop taking my medicine. Maybe I will be cured! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) WOWZERS! I'm so happy I could scream.


As for the recovery journey from those IVIG infusions...it's coming along. I have been back to work this week and am taking naps each day. I was really dehydrated and had basically no food for about a week, so it's taking some time to re-nourish and re-energize. I'm getting there. And I sure appreciate the prayers and support.

It was amazing to see that platelet number today. Truly amazing. Maybe there will be a special silver lining in all this. Maybe I won't have to worry about platelets ever again...or at least not for awhile.

Are you familiar with the love story of Danny and Annie Perasa? If not, the time has come. Get ready for a heart-melting, cry-fest. Watch that cartoon version of an audio interview first. Then read on.

I heard about the two of them originally a few years ago, but I had forgotten. On NPR this week, they are celebrating 10 of StoryCorps, the project that helped capture their love story. Danny and Annie were married 27 years. Their love is something so truly amazing. He wrote her a love letter every single day.

Danny passed away about 7 years ago. Here's a link to the most recent interview with 71-year-old Annie. 

It's beautiful if marital love works out this way. But sometimes...or even a lot of the time even....it doesn't. What I find so captivating about Danny and Annie isn't even so much their marriage - it's the idea that such self-giving love is possible. Whether it's love for a partner or family member or friend - it's amazing how beautiful and healthy love is for our hearts and minds. Marriage isn't for everyone. But loving relationships are for everyone.

I pray you're feeling love today. And lots of it.


  1. Holy platelet count! Wonderful news.
    Hope you feel great soon.

  2. WOW!!! Amazing count!!! This is the best news in a very long time.