Thankful Thursday

Good morning.
It's time for a "Thankful Thursday" list.
I hope you, too, will take a moment and share a few items on your gratitude list today.
(Also, please send your "up" pic today for tomorrow's post).

Here's yesterday's Post-Bulletin column.

What a week.
Many reasons to give thanks.
Here's my list. What's on yours?

-Fashion show fun
-Supportive family
-Josh sending a bacon photo
-Confirmation (best night of the week)
-Good advice and good emails
-Concert with Anna tonight!
-John Mayer in my future (in November)
-The end of this cold/virus/allergies coming soon
-Excitement to see friends on Saturday
-Excitement to hear Anne Lamott on Saturday night!!!!!!
-Breaking Bad series finale coming up!
-Being done with the SNAP challenge and realizing how impactful it was
-Good sleep
-Reading and libraries

Please share your items!

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