Calling your photos

*Good morning!  Could you please pause for a moment and send me a photo that relates to the word "moment"? It can be any moment - captured on your camera or phone. I look forward to seeing your pics, and I'll post them first thing tomorrow morning.

*This week's Post-Bulletin column focuses on three sentences I believe should be banned for the next month. Which statements would you add to the list of outlawed one-liners?

*Suffering from a bit of insomnia early this morning, I caught up on the adventures of Hig, Erin, and their two little ones. They are the creators of Ground Truth Trekking. So inspiring. They explore Alaska with their family BY FOOT! Erin's new book comes out later this month. Here's a link right to the blog. 


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  1. Thanks for the link to Hig & Erin's blog. Cool! I've been glued to the TV shows regarding Alaska lately..... like "Life Below Zero", etc. Start watching early evening, and before I know it........the clock has turned to 1am. Fascinating! Back to basics and natural beauty.