Hello Eagle!

Alison came to visit Friday! So fun! We were roommates our freshman year at Wartburg College.

We had a great day on Friday and fun morning on Saturday. Mayo tour. Post-Bulletin tour. Hike at Quarry Hill. Hike around Stewartville. And dinner at The Loop! Plus several impromptu dance parties and a 300-piece puzzle.

On Saturday morning we sat at the kitchen table and chatted a bit before our walk. Alison looked out the window and said, "I think that's an eagle."

IT WAS! In the treetop in my backyard. So marvelous! A beautiful gift and moment from God. We savored it.

And then I went outside to take photos. I got Mr. Eagle's attention by clapping, singing patriotic songs, and saying, "Hello Eagle! Good morning! May I have your photo?" He finally turned and looked my direction.

Eagles really are incredibly beautiful.

I hope you're in the midst of a wonderful weekend. 

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