Thankful Thursday

Good day to you, ladies and gentlemen.
Good day, indeed.

This week's PB column was inspired by my lunch date with Russ and Becky last week! 
Check it out here.

Have you sent a pink photo yet?  Please do!  I'll post them tomorrow for Word of the Week.

It's time for some gratitude.  I'll share a list.  
And then you share your list in the comments.  Let's do this thing!
What made your heart happy this week?

This week, I give thanks for:

-Deep fried mushrooms
-Little House in the Big Woods
-Lake City
-Naps on blankets in parks
-Library time
-New yard art
-Wedding season
-Lovely lunch dates
-Book world
-Stores that let you return and exchange things
-CSA box


  1. -raspberry ice tea
    -summer days
    -Plainsong Farm CSA fresh veggies
    -skilled surgeon
    -soft music
    -doggie kisses
    -peaceful days
    -patient & loving hubby
    -kind hospital employees

    1. :) Love this list, Sharon. Hope your eyes and your body are feeling well!

  2. Emily! I love Little House books. My favorites are Farmer Boy and These Happy Golden Years. You've inspired me to start the series again at the beginning and to think about what I'm thankful for.
    - children's books that are still good for adults to read
    - cool AC after a walk outside
    - Soul Asylum's Runaway Train on the radio
    - a window in my office at work
    - seeing my niece and nephews growing up
    - a comparatively easy work week
    - weekend plans to look forward to

    1. Thanks for sharing your list, Leslee! I'm starting Farmer Boy tonight! Glad to know it's one of your favorites. :)